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This is my work, this is my passion, i realize lamps recycling cans and any objects.

Recycling should not be a choice, but a way of life.



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About Cole Saucier Designs
I was a chubby kid! At the age of 12 I fell off a bridge and broke both my arms… When I returned to school I was placed in an Adaptive P.E. class for kids with mental and physical handicaps, the teacher who had been assigned to interact with us was also my art instructor… After my arms healed, in the beginning Mrs. Dickey steered me toward drawing but realized I liked more “hands-on” type projects. Eventually I got into “wire art” using coat hangers, making cacti sculptures and mobiles. I started welding In the 90’s and in 1993 I took a trip to Milan Italy where I ended up staying for 2 years to master my craft. I was a having art shows of my work in local bars and participated in some street fairs and opened a studio/gallery and was discovered by a photographer for Elle Decor magazine… she gave me a 2 page spread and an impressive write-up and for 3 years i never stopped making these cans and other custom designs.

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